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Locally made furniture, crafted from honest materials. Custom, made just the way you want it in less than six weeks. At Revolution Furnishings, “Pride of Craft” is a common refrain. Pride in the craft of building a quality piece of furniture that our customers will enjoy for years to come. Pride in using materials that are locally sourced as close to their natural state as possible. Pride in keeping the health and safety of our teammates and customers at the forefront of our mission. Pride in our effort to return local manufacturing to the thriving place it held in our communities not that long ago.

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At Revolution Furnishings we build furniture with intention. We are proud to be driven by a customer-first attitude, guided by a simple set of core values.

Integrity – One of the most rewarding elements of small business is the ability to remain close to your customers. It’s a connection we cherish, and it drives us to perform at our highest level every day. We treat our customers as we do our friends and family, and as with any relationship, trust and the Golden Rule are the foundation of everything we do.

Health – Health of our teammates and health of the families who welcome our products into their homes is paramount to us. Accordingly, we choose materials that are as clean and close their natural state as possible. This means relying on locally sourced solid wood as much as possible, as well as formaldehyde-free plywood fabricated with soy-based adhesives from the US and Canada. Our minimum standard for any materials going into our furniture is CARB-2 compliance. Many of our standard stains are GREENGUARD certified and our standard lacquer system is HAPS free and ultra-low formaldehyde. For the ultimate piece of mind, we offer a GREENGUARD certified lacquer system on request.

Affordability – We strive to make our furniture accessible as possible. While integrity, craftsmanship, and health are non-negotiable components of our furniture; once those bases are covered we do everything we can to keep our costs efficient. Our designs are clean and minimal, referencing classic and contemporary style elements while staying anchored in the beauty of simplicity. We leverage modern CAD technology to maximize the yield of raw material we use. We continually seek to minimize our waste by finding ways to put scrap to use, including making new furniture from it. When it comes to drawer boxes, we offer two levels to choose from. Our standard box is constructed from solid birch plywood which offers substantial cost savings over our premium option. Even the material for our premium boxes is sourced for cost efficiency. Rather than hold our prices high to protect ourselves from seasonal swings in the raw material market, we shop the the same way you shop a farmer’s market — looking for the best material that is currently in season. When it comes time to ship our products, we seek partnerships with retailers that are able to receive our furniture wrapped in reusable blankets. Not only is this a substantial cost savings over standard furniture packaging, but it reduces a significant waste stream from entering our local environment.

Our Ingredients - Or should we call them nutrition facts?

From time to time, customers ask us if our furniture has any 'green' certifications, such as GREENGUARD, FSC, Green Seal, etc. The short answer is: nope. Why? We haven't yet found a certification that appears to justify it's costs. In our mission to drive as much value as possible into our furniture and on to the market, we don't feel this is a cost burden our customers want to bear. Our approach is similar to what you find at the local farmer's market: few organic certifications but many farmers proud to discuss how clean and sustainably they raise their crops. If you ever have any questions about the materials we use in our furniture, don't hesitate to ask. Here's a snapshot of what goes into our products:

    • Fronts, Legs, Posts, Feet, Moldings, Stiles, Rails, Frames  - Solid wood, harvested as close to home as possible. We support local mills and local fabricators. Depending on the species, much of the hardwood we use comes from the New England states, Appalachian region, or Canada. 
    • Sides, Shelves, Backs, Internal structural members - Low-emission veneer-core plywood. We source our plywood from mills that share our values. This means no added formaldehyde (NAUF) products when possible and/or mills that target levels that far exceed CARB 2 standards. 
    • Drawers - We have two options available, both constructed with English dovetails on all four corners.
      1. Our standard drawer is constructed from CARB 2 compliant solid birch plywood for sides and backs bottoms. The entire drawer is finished (sides, backs, bottoms).
      2. Our premium drawer has locally and regionally sourced solid wood, as seasonally available. Typically this means maple, aspen, or basswood. Drawer bottoms are CARB 2 Compliant birch or maple veneers. The entire drawer is finished (sides, backs, bottoms). 
    • Finish - All finishes are a solvent-based pre-catalyzed lacquer. This is a kitchen and bath grade finish system with outstanding durability characteristics.
      1. Many of our standard stains are GREENGUARD certified for ultra-low emissions.
      2. Our standard lacquers, pigmented for our solid colors and water-white for stains and natural finishes, are HAPs free and low formaldehyde.
      3. Optionally, for a completely  GREENGUARD certified finish, we can use Enviromax, a HAPs free, formaldehyde-free, low odor finish system. 

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